Favorite Things Friday

Welcome to Favorite things Friday! Where I share my favorite finds from
the week. This week my favorites were pretty random, but these finds
all inspired me in some way or another. Enjoy….


Favorite bench.

This industrial bench is the perfect amount of cozy
& can we discuss those wheels?


Favorite cozy living room.

I wouldn’t have thought to put a white rug under a white couch, but I’m loving that the
clashing whites work & blend together to make a super cozy living room.


Favorite shirt.

Loving this loose transition into spring tribal blouse. It’s starting to warm up
here in good old NC & I’m thinking this tribal blouse is perfection for March.


Favorite Dining room.

I’ll take all of it. Seriously one of the most stunning spaces I have ever seen.
so serene,inviting, & warm all while being white and neutral.


Favorite DIY project.

A teepee for a reading nook for kids? I think every kid needs a teepee. Maybe not this big,
but what a cozy little hide out that you can make beautiful to fit into your home decor.


Favorite Chalkboard Wall.

I love what a bold statement this chalkboard wall makes. You could do this
in any room, but I’m loving it in this beautiful kitchen!


Favorite hair.

Loving this loose twisted hair. I have pretty awkward bangs right now, so I need this
out of my face hairstyle in my life!


Favorite Bedroom.

I love the unkept bed & all of the different textures and patterns in the room.
Everything looks so balanced and harmonious together!


Favorite porch.

I love this porch for spring. Inviting and very easy to achieve with some pretty outdoor
furniture, a rug, garden stools, & some greenery.


Favorite Kitchen.

I’m loving this counter to ceiling turquoise tile & those open shelves to show
off those eclectic dishes. I could go on. I love everything about it!


Favorite dress.

I’m loving this white flowy dress for every occasion & that necklace and that
clutch it’s perfect. I need this dress and it’s affordable!


Favorite Stairs.

These stairs are stunning with the patterned runner & the gray is
beautiful against the dark wood and the white walls.


Favorite Entry.

I’m loving this rustic entryway so cozy and inviting. So simple & functional.


Favorite embroidery hoops.

I need some embroidery hoops in my life right now. I’m loving these crochet embroidery
hoops for the bedroom or office! Great soft wall decor!


Favorite hair color.

I’m loving this red and brown and how rich it is & I’m loving the layers and how long
her bangs are. Growing your bangs out is rough. I’m almost there.


Favorite Bathroom.

By now you should know I’m obsessed with baths. & I’m loving this rustic tiled
bathroom with that black claw foot tub. Amazing! & that tub shelf is perfect for me.
A plant in the bathroom? I never thought of that.

Favorite Quote.

Spend time on what you love. If anyone knows the original source
leave it in the comments below.. I love this.

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  1. Mackenzie Hall

    Where is the white tribal shirt from? I clicked on the link and it doesnt take me to a site? Thank!

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